Tuesday, December 8, 2009

elin nordegren mother

Barbro Holmberg mother in law who was transported to the hospital?

Elin’s mother, Barbro Holmberg, has been in town to support her daughter through this very trying time. Last night a 911 call was reportedly made for a woman in distress, and a blonde middle aged woman was rushed to the hospital. She was followed by a black Escalade, which is believed to belong to Woods and his wife. This morning it was revealed that the woman was Barbro, and she is in stable condition. It seems like things just won’t die down for this family.

There are newly emerging details that say that Elin’s mom was taken to the same hospital where Tiger was treated for a drug overdose the day after Thanksgiving.

All of this news comes out after a car crash, which seemed to spark this whole mess, including allegations of several marital indiscretions on Tigers part, so far the head count is up to seven. It was even reported that Elin had moved out, but it seems that may have been a false report.

So here is some biographical information on Elin’s mother Barbro Holmberg. She is 57 years old, and was born on April 7, 1952 in Swedish Lapland. Her name is often misspelled Bolmberg. She is heavily involved in Swedish politics, but clearly puts her family first. As soon as she heard about her daughter’s marital troubles, she cleared her schedule to fly down and support her.

She has been married a few times, and has three children including Elin, who is also a twin. Being Tiger Woods’ mother in law seems to have its price, as everything is now a public issue, even if it is something like being rushed to the hospital.

We certainly wish her the best and hope that Barbro Holmberg, Elin Nordegren’s mother, who was rushed to the hospitalfor stomach pains, is okay. Check out more pictures along with video, and tell me your thoughts in the comment section below

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