Saturday, December 12, 2009

tiger woods infidelity: hes going AWOL

Yes tiger woods is quitting golf because of tiger woods infidelity.
He has announced that he is leaving the golf course for the moment. The announcement elicited a quick reaction from his biggest sponsor NIKE. The company has announced that they are standing with the golfer in the difficult time and would not be saying good bye to him, rather the golfer would find NIKE waiting for him as he would decide to return.

His confession of infidelity clearly shows his concern for his children and wife Elin Nordegren. Whether he is giving a mere lip service or the statement of infidelity shows his heartfelt emotions, only time will tell. He has thanked his fans and supporters and said that all he wants now is piece of mind and seclusion to build the family bond from the scratch.

Apparently the confession of infidelity has little effect on Elin Nordegren, at least for the time being. A website has published the pictures of a truck being loaded in front of Tiger’s house with huge boxes. Elin has recently purchased a secluded villa in Sweden that is not approachable by any road and can be reached by a ferry only.

We do hope that Oprah is able to get Tiger out of his cave and explain the things openly

All the tiger woods mistress stuff going on with him is causing him and everyone around him a lot of stress.

Almost as soon as the infidelity admission came online, one of his mistresses’ intentions to hire a lawyer to sue the star has also hit the news. Reportedly the unidentified woman is of the view that she tried to make Tiger Wood have sex with her so that she can be pregnant with her child. She further elaborated that being pregnant with the star golfer’s child would have solved all her financial worries.
The tiger girls fc is quite big.

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