Wednesday, December 9, 2009

tiger woods mistresses count

The Tiger Woods latest mistresses count has allegedly passed ten according to various media reports. A second adult film star has revealed that she as well had an extra marital relationship with the golf superstar.

The newest addition to the alleged mistresses list is a performer who goes by the name Joslyn James.

Tigers Mistresses claim is still shocking the world that the best golfer has something to hide but all revealed in a week. Even the golfing world is watching and reading who will be the nextTiger Woods mistress. Will there be the 8th Tiger Woods mistress? Here are the seven women of Woods as of the present. It can possibly rise in the coming days or even hours.

1.Rachel Uchitel
The one who started it all, and the one who just received seven figures to keep her mouth shut. According to her classy mother, Rachel also “dated” Yankee stars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

2.Jamie Grubbs
Reality show alumna. It was Tiger’s incriminating voicemail to her that broke everything wide open. She seems the most anxious to talk about being the other woman (or rather, one of the other women).

3.Kalika Moquin
The least publicized of the original three, this Las Vegas nightclub employee did reveal to a British tabloid that Woods told her he’d leave his wife “in a flash,” if she wanted.

4.Jamie Jungers
The second Jamie on our list is the first Woods mistress who bears any resemblance to his wife.

5.Mindy Lawton
This Orlando-area waitress claims Tiger is into kinky sex and did unholy things to her in a church parking lot.

6.Cori Rist
Tiger would book this 31-year-old, divorced mother of one into an adjacent hotel suite when he was New York.

7.Holly Sampson
Holly is an actress who has done soft. Many moons ago she played Fred Savage’s love interest in an episode of the “The Wonder Years.”

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