Saturday, December 12, 2009

tiger woods mistress photos

Tiger woods mistress photos:
On a Dateline NBC special called "The Secret Life of Tiger Woods," alleged mistress Jaime Jungers says that she has no regrets about her relationship with Tiger Woods. In her mind, she doesn't owe his wife an apology.

"No, I don't," said Jungers, 26. "I feel like that's his-- that's his business. Everybody makes mistakes. This wasn't something that I did yesterday or a month ago or a year ago. This was years ago. I was younger. And I'm not saying that what I did then was right. But-- tiger woods mistress photos I'm certainly not gonna say that it was wrong. I believe everything happens for a reason. And-- no, I-- I don't-- I don't believe that I owe her apology-- an apology. I mean, I-- I'm sorry for everything that's going down. And what may happen to ... their kids' future, you know? But no, I don't-- I don't believe I owe her an apology. No."

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Jungers went on to say that tiger woods mistress photos she believed her relationship with Woods developed from lust to love.

"It wasn't just a sexual situation, it was-- I believe, it-- it was love. I loved him. I still love him," said Jungers.

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"It wasn't just, like, regular sex," she says. "It was great. I mean, yeah, he-- he was pretty wild...Like, it wasn't just, like, regular sex. It wasn't like, boring, married couple sex. Like, it was fun and exciting. It was way more than sex."

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